What Insurances do you accept?
Please call the office for a list of currently accepted insurance
What diseases do you primarily treat?
Rheumatoid arthritis
Psoriatic arthritis
Ankylosing spondylitis
Mixed connective tissue disease
Do you have any specialized training in Rheumatology?
Yes. I am qualified to perform diagnostic and ultrasound guided procedures. This allows for greater accuracy in diagnosis and treatment.
What biologic treatments do you have experience with?
If I require a joint or tendon injection, will I be able to get it at the time of my appointment?
Absolutely. However, certain plans such as Hill Physicians require preapproval prior to these procedures. This will usually result in about a one week delay in receiving the treatment.
If I need IV treatments for my condition, where will they be administered?
A full service infusion center is available at the medical center where my office is located.
What are your office hours?
M-F 8-3pm
What if I need to get a hold of your after hours?
Call the office. For urgent matters, I can be immediately paged. Otherwise, a message can be left and I will return it the next business day.
What is required to make an appointment?
Simply call (925) 242-1111. A consultation request from a physician that you are currently seeing is required at the time of the first appointment.
How quickly do you offer appointments for new patients?
New appointments are always available within one week’s time.