"Since first becoming my doctor, Dr. McNamara has always made a good impression. She has always worried for my well being and made sure to know what went on outside her office. She makes sure to keep in touch and keep me informed of my medical status even if she does so after she has left the office. I am pleased to have been under her care because she is always happy, enthusiastic, and witty." - Lupus patient

"You have been such an amazing doctor, from my hospital care to my follow up visits and now my pregnancy. You have always been available for questions and have always returned my calls, no matter how big or small the issue was. You have helped me deal with Lupus and for that I have nothing but gratitude. You are truly a doctor who loves her job and knows what she is doing. Thank you so much and to all your future patients, they just don't know how blessed they are to have you looking after them." - Lupus patient

"It's been great knowing Dr. McNamara and being her patient for more than a year. She has helped me a lot. She is a very caring and sincere person. I'll always be grateful to her for treating me. When I met her I was in a lot of pain physically and emotionally. I did not know what I had and neither did the doctor I had been going to but she really took care of me and helped me feel better." - Lupus patient

"Always very understanding of my needs. She is very on top of my health, checking my lab work to make sure pottasium levels weren't above the range. Whenever I had a question or concern, she always knew the answer. Above all, she is very smart, knowledgable, friendly, happy and caring." - Wegener's patient

"First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for diagnosing and treating my gout. I'm so glad to have you as my doctor because of your friendly nature, you're easy to talk to and very knowledgable in your profession. I also appreciate your compassion, especially when I was in pain and called you on a weekend." - Gout patient

"It was great having Dr. McNamara as my rheumatologist. She was very accessible and easy to talk to. She was also greatly concerned about my well-being when I chose not to take my medication. I loved her personality and I am saddened that she will no longer be my rheumatologist." - Lupus patient

"I felt it necessary to communicate my sincere appreciation to you for your dedication, professional and compassionate care of me the past year and a half. As a confused and often scared ill patient, you helped me understand and feel comfortable with my illness and the medical procedures necessary to make me feel better. You are a wonderful doctor with a great heart. I appreciate your expertise and my experience with you has been nothing less than wonderful. You have been personally attentive to my needs and even available by telephone. If words could only express my genuine gratitude! I thank God for allowing us to meet." - Undifferentiated connective tissue disease patient